The Dark Hunt

The Game Begins
Villagers, Monsters and Fire oh my.

So I forgot to print out or upload the world map. But not a big deal since we wont be leaving the village yet.

Few more people then played tonight then i had expected so the encounters were easier then i intended, but thats ok since we spent allot of time setting up new characters.

Laid down basics for town and introduced the party to Cleb the dwarven shop keep. Clerics have been busy trying to remove a plague of lice that has infested all but a few homes of the town. This forces most people to stay at the inn. Cleric Bill asks the party to find the source of evil laughter outside of town. (enc1 ) After completing that encounter the Clerics ask that they search town. Godrik(Dan) questioned Inn Keeper Dave about the town, while Sol(Tom) talked to Cleb. Cleb tells them of the Shadows seen skittering from ally way to ally way at night and the laughter. Chris buys 2 flasks of holy water for 50gp a piece. Sol bought Cleb enough mead for him to trust Sol. Sol takes Cleb back to his shop after he had passed out and discovers Clebs secret stash. Sol spends several hours copying pages and rituals out of Clebs books. Party seemed to want to search for clues further but hadn’t prepped for that, as i expected them to rest after killing the Hyenas. A plague of Frogs show up during the night, with no ponds or lakes nearby. Avogadro (Paul) had his bear stand watch while party rested at the White Dagger Inn. Party prepped spells for the day then the roof collapsed with a loud crack onto Dave killing him instantly, and engulfing the inn in flames. Party rushes outside to see the town on fire. Villagers who burned to death in their huts wander about now undead. The Village Skeletons attack. (enc2 ) After the battle the town is now smoldering and every one but Cleb and party is dead or missing, no sign of the Clerics can be found and it can safely be assumed they abandoned the town.


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