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    1. [[Encounter 1|Enc1: Unnatural Laughter]]
    2. [[Bad Summoner no Cookie|Enc2: Bad Summoner no Cookie]]
    3. [[Enc3|Enc3: The Gnoll Slavers]]
    4. [[Enc4|Enc4: The Road to the north]]
    5. [[Enc5|Enc5: The Ancient Fort]]
  • Encounter 1

    This encounter is yet to be run.

    Cleric Bill sends party to investigate unnatural laughter coming from outside of town. Party encounters 4 "Hyenas":http://www.obsidianportal.com/character/hyena just out side of town in the tall grass. Party …

  • Bad Summoner no Cookie

    "Villager Skeletons":http://www.obsidianportal.com/character/village-skeleton are seen emerging from burning huts and wandering about town. Party slaughters the undead and most percieve that the fire started and is spreading from the old spell makers home …

  • Enc3

    The Gnoll Slavers

    • [[:71595|2 Scouts]]
    • [[:71598| 4 Thugs]]
    The Party thinking they are hyenas spread out into a ready position. Instead they see 2 gnolls approaching from up the road. The gnolls appeared to be joking and …